One of my favorite things to collect is movie stills and lobby cards. They were used in movie theaters once upon a time as a way to lure movie goers to see that film. Lobby cards usually came in lots of eight and were in color. Black and White stills were numbered at the bottom of the still and were taken either behind the scenes or very close to the actual shot in a movie.

I love stills because they are rather inexpensive and can easily be stored in a binder. I use clear plastic top loading sheets to store 2 stills in each. I used to arrange them in film sequence order, but that became too hard the more I bought. Most are 8″x10″ in size, though lobbies also came in 11×14 in size for larger display. 

It was fun to collect stills and lobby cards from different countries. Italy had a unique color printing effect that was glorious, especially for Hello Dolly. They are very beautiful.

I have been scanning my binders and have many done from the early films. I will continue to scan and share my many stills on my website for you to check out.

I have yet to count my stills up, but they are in the hundreds, possibly more. I should go through the binders more often because they are really fun to look at. I also try to get pics that have themes, like Barbra wearing blue jeans (not that common) or pics of Barbra holding a microphone, a little more common, but come from the category of Candids and not necessarily movie stills.

Here is a small gallery of some of my favorite Streisand movie stills from Funny Girl, Hello Dolly and The Main Event. What for more! Enjoy!