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Anne’s Collection

If you are a Barbra Streisand fan, then chances are you have many albums, books and magazines. What are some of the items in your “Barbra collection”?

Anne Z has been a fan for over 40 years and has quite a bit of Barbra memorabilia, to say the least! It is becoming more and more difficult to store this massive amount of her Barbra treasures. A big question is how to better enjoy it? Anne has decided it’s time to make some of it digital and share it with others. This project will be a work in progress. Come back often to see what’s been added!

Items include: record albums, 45 singles with and without picture sleeves, movie scripts, magazines with Barbra on the cover, clippings, scrapbooks, CD’s, VHS, DVD’s, books, slides, lobby cards and movie stills, t-shirts and other BJS fan clothing, ticket stubs from concerts, posters, press kits, dolls, stamps, gold records, postcards, artwork, buttons, autographs, Barbra wine and champagne.

Movie Stills

Barbra Streisand has made nineteen movies. Anne loves collecting stills, photographs and lobby cards, because they are easy to store ( in plastic sleeves in binders) and are relatively inexpensive. Plus there are so many to choose from.

Magazine Covers

Beginning with the letter A, Anne has organized her magazines (which are mostly intact) by cover names. Through the technology of scanning and the iPhone, here are: images, titles and dates of her large magazine cover collection. This lot includes foreign additions.

Barbra Film Clips from VHS

Here is a link to Anne’s YouTube channel and includes many of the fun clips Anne has uploaded for all to enjoy. Yet, another work in progress. Anne’s old video cassette recorder was in constant use back in the 1980s! Click here to a list to some of the Barbra clips in the mix of tennis and other notable clips.


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