Streisand: In the Camera Eye by James Spada

This large format hardback “coffee table book” is a MUST HAVE for any self-respecting Streisand fan! The images will take you on a journey that will remind you just why we LOVE  Barbra! They are glorious and fun and most of all, beautiful! After savoring each page, I became inspired to want to sit down and watch all of Barbra’s movies in sequence, something that I’ve always wanted to do but oddly, never have. I also want to listen to all her albums in sequence from The Barbra Streisand Album right through to Partners. These goals would take some time, mind you, but I am excited about the prospect of how much enjoyment I will get from my challenge. Who want’s to join me?
In the meantime, I have read and re-read James Spada’s latest tribute to “the greatest star”, Barbra Streisand. The book is filled with quotes and facts about her work and because Spada is a huge fan himself, we get the best of Barbra in this book. He knows what he is writing about, since he’s published other books on Barbra and was behind Barbra Magazine from the late 1970’s.
The book is filled with rare, many never before published photos of Barbra, totaling 170 in all. Some in black and white, some in color, they capture her unique relationship with the camera and some of Hollywood’s top photographers like Scavullo and Beaton. All I can say is what a joy! I love this book. Way to go James! I’m thrilled and delighted with Streisand: In the Camera Eye!