Jimmy Fallon, the new host of The Tonight Show became a little verkempt when superstar and legend Barbra Streisand joined him as his only guest Monday night. They sang together, switched chairs for the interview and then Barbra sang again. WOW!

Barbra recalled that when Jack Paar was the host way back in the day, he didn’t like her, so his guest host Orson Bean interviewed Barbra. Orson and Barbra shared a manager so it was easy to schedule. (This was before she was managed by long-time manager Marty Erlichman.)

Jimmy Fallon then showed Barbra an old black and white still of her and Johnny Carson back in the early 60’s. How young they both looked. There was even a skinny Ed McMahon on the couch with an unidentified guest that evening.

Barbra Streisand was on the Tonight Show beginning a publicity blitz for her latest album called Partners. Its a duet album with some of the best male recording artists of our time. Even Elvis showed up on the album!

Barbra seemed relaxed. Her voice sounded great. Her presence brings excitement to any stage. Not sure if she’ll be back on the Tonight Show. She said she wouldn’t if it took another 50 years!

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