I am a longtime Barbra Streisand fan! I have been one for over 40 years! I know many other long time fans and a few new ones too! What makes someone a Barbra fan?

Music lover and movie lover are two things that can describe a BJS fan. For most of us, there was a certain album, song or movie that we heard or saw that did the trick. In my case it was the movie Funny Girl. When she started singing “I’m the Greatest Star” in the beginning of the film, I was hooked. The funny thing was I knew all of the words. And then I knew the words to the rest of the songs too! How was that possible?

As a child my parents had the Broadway recording of “Funny Girl” playing over and over on the turntable. The tunes sunk in and many years later they came back into my mind from the recesses of my memory. It was a life altering experience. My sister and I began our collection of long playing record albums soon after that, like the next day.

So, my first movie experience of Barbra was Funny Girl and the first album was the motion picture soundtrack from it too. What was your first Barbra movie? How about your first album purchase? I’m sure you can remember!

Another thing that makes a Barbra fan, is to collect magazine covers and stories about Barbra. Life magazines, People magazines and any cover with Barbra on the front, is part of the experience. They we add posters, books and movie stills then they are real fans!

The concerts that Barbra gave also attracts the true fans! The ticket prices are high and everyone loves seeing their favorite in person! What a show and experience each time I saw Barbra live it was! Las Vegas, Anaheim, San Jose were the cities that I saw and heard Barbra. Others went to New York, Detroit, even Down Under in Australia and Europe too! It’s a moment fans never forget!

Another quality of a Barbra fan is to collect all the music right when it comes out for release. Partners came out last September and went right to Number One on the Billboard charts because of the loyal Barbra fan. That made six decades with an album of going to number one! Let’s hear it for the fans!

As fans, we also love her beauty besides talent. We can’t get enough of photos of our favorite star. Different hair styles, different jewelry, clothing and different men, the photographers have always taken pictures of Barbra’s comings and goings.

What other things are common to Barbra fans? Why are you a Barbra fan?
Please leave a comment and share if you like, I’d love to hear about your personal experiences.


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