As a long time Barbra Streisand fan, I of course have ALL of the record albums of Barbra’s music. I couldn’t wait for a new release and then put the vinyl on the stereo and read the liner notes and back cover of the album. These days even with the resurgence of listening to vinyl, I only put a record on the turntable twice last year mainly for nostalgia’s sake. Honestly, there were pops and a few skips and sort of a tin like sound. Sorry record lovers, but I’ve been spoiled with remastered music that I listen to digitally now. So what should I do with all my albums?

I’m going to frame the covers and hang them around the top moulding in my office so I can enjoy the 12″x12″ look of my BJS record collection. So I grab my copy of Paul Busa’s must have book “The Barbra Streisand Record and CD Collector’s Guide 1962-2014” and put them in correct sequence.

Here is a look at the first eleven  that I have framed and are ready to hang.
In order of release: 

I Can Get it For You Wholesale

Pins and Needles

The Barbra Streisand Album

The Second Barbra Streisand Album

The Third Barbra Streisand Album

Funny Girl Original Broadway Cast Recording


My Name is Barbra

My Name is Barbra, Two

Color Me Barbra

Harold Sings Arlen (with friend)

Je m’appelle Barbra

I have to buy some more record album frames and I am doing so a little at a time to defuse the cost. Check back to see how my project is coming. What have you done with your record collections, Barbra and other artists?