Something’s coming! It’s gonna be great!

Barbra’s finally going to do it! She’s set to write her story and clear up all the misconceptions and untruths she doesn’t like! The Barbra fans and world will have to wait until 2017 but that’s okay! We will hear the real story from our “Funny Girl” herself. This will be a block buster book! But how is she going to cover such a legacy and 60 years career in one book? We are hoping for lots of good photos too!

I worry about one aspect of the book. Barbra herself has always claimed to have a “bad memory” about career facts. She likes to look forward and not backward, but time will tell what she includes in her memoir. Stories about her difficult mother? Her early days in New York? Her leading men and romances? There is so much to cover, let’s hope for a great editor to encourage Barbra to let us in and discover what only she and few select people know….the real Barbra!

Viking president Brian Tart said, “There are over fifty unauthorized biographies about Ms. Streisand that are full of myths and inaccuracies, and she is finally going to tell her own story.” 

Barbra has always called herself a work in progress, and one can bet she will detail the important parts of her life, just as she crafts a song or directs a film, with gusto and her full attention. Does this mean that “Gypsy” will get the back burner again? Will Barbra make her last BIG film appearance before or after the book? Just like Yentl, we have questions…..

So set your clocks, calendars, Apple watches and get ready. It’s gonna be a great day when Barbra’s autobiography hits the bookstores. It will be best seller for sure!