Jason Gould, the son of Barbra Streisand and Elliott Gould has a wonderful voice! Yes, it’s true. For those that don’t know he even sings, where have you been? Jason toured with his mother in a recent concert tour, along with Aunt Roslyn Kind to make it a family affair. She has a wonderful voice as well. What a talented group. 

How does one make their own way when they are constantly compared to Barbra? Well, they do get some interest because of the connection, but it is there own passion as artists to express their musicality.

Jason just turned 50 last December and it now on social media promoting his upcoming musical release. His Facebook page is JasonGouldMusic. He has begun to post some pics, one of him with his dad from on set years ago. Another of roses, a Barbra rose perhaps? His Twitter account is: JasonGouldMusic. He has been posting since December 2016.

Jason has been in the studio recording songs, but here is a link to his first real endeavor musically in 2012, an EP (extended play) CD with five tracks. Here is the link. Give it a listen, you will really enjoy it!

Roslyn Kind (Twitter account: @RosylnKind) has an upcoming gigs in Florida and California. Go to her website for ticket information. Her 2008 release “Come What May” is one of my favorite albums. You will notice a resemblance to Barbra’s voice but a distinct style of her own as well. 

If you are a fan of Barbra’s then venture out and check out her Son and Sis! You won’t be sorry.