There are some people who believe and rather strongly that celebrities/movie stars/singers/sports stars do not have the right to voice their personal opinions on the topics of the day. That those stars have been paid by us the public to provide entertainment. Period. The Dixie Chicks come to mind when they had some criticisms of George W. Bush and so the documentary “Shut Up and Sing” was made.

On the flip side, those same stars are citizens of this country as well and have every right to voice their opinions freely. Some stars fundraise with their talents and bring in top dollar for political candidates or causes. One of Barbra Streisand’s causes is helping women battle heart disease. It affects over 43 million women and she now has her name on Cedar Sinai’s Heart Institute’s Barbra Streisand Women’s Heart Center. She has raised millions for the cause.
And for the environment, civil rights and AIDS to name a few.

Today there was an article in the Huffington Post by Barbra Streisand called: Clueless, Reckless, Graceless, Mindless and Heartless: Our President-Elect. It is very well written with examples supporting her many arguments. Whether you are a fan or not, you know where Barbra stands on this issue. She is a proud Democrat who fundraises for her candidates. Yet, this article goes beyond Democrat or Republican issues and the reader knows exactly how Barbra feels from the posting. I applaud her willingness to stand up and voice her opinion. Will Trump tweet like he did about Meryl Streep at the Golden Globes? Who knows. But one thing is certain, Barbra will be continuing to voice her opinions with her writing and her fund-raising.