I was randomly searching Streisand related articles a few minutes ago and came across some interesting websites for song lyrics. So I did a little test and tried some obscure titles that I thought would never show up or be included in a list of Barbra Streisand songs. 

First I started with “Marty the Martian” from “A Happening in Central Park” from the 1960’s. It was there. Wow. Then I tried, something from “Barbra, The Concert” album “Therapist Dialog, Part 1” and it was there. Okay, that’s a good one. My third more difficult search was something from “Pins and Needles” called “Not Cricket to Picket”. Amazing….. from a very early Broadway that Barbra was in.

There is no shortage of titles at this site called: LyricsDepot.com. They have over 300,000 free lyrics available from over 12,000 artists on over 30,000 albums. They are one of the largest lyrics archives online and are adding new titles all the time. Check them out when you need to know the words to a song! 

Another fun way to learn all the words to a song is to collect sheet music and songbooks. Collecting sheet music is a fun way to “get all the words” to a song and to have the music to play on the piano or guitar as well. Searching eBay or the ilovebarbra.com site can lead you to some titles that might not be in your collection. 

Three must have pieces of sheet music are “Evergreen” from “A Star is Born” motion picture along with “The Way We Were” and “People“. Classic Streisand songs that once you own the sheet music you will never NOT know the words to the songs!