Here is a quick update on my project to frame and hang all of Barbra Streisand’s record albums on my office wall. I’ve framed the first fifteen releases from “I Can Get It For You Wholesale” to “A Happening in Central Park”, from 1962 to 1968.
It’s going well, but not sure yet how I am going to attach to my plate rail near the top of the room. The space is about 11″ and the framed albums are about 13″. I’d like to mount them on a block so they extend from the wall about 2-3″. The room can probably hold most of the 75 covers, but we’ll see. That’s one reason I’m starting in release order from oldest to newest.It’s so fun to see the work in progress since I’m only buyer frames four at a time. Saving on money since Barbra does have a lot of records! I will be sure to upload pics when the project is finished.

Album covers are awesome because of the size. CD covers don’t do the artwork justice. And if I open a record to find the vinyl scratched, I’ve been cutting the vinyl but first heating with a hair dryer and cutting the center label out to use as drink coasters. I will be sanding the edges to make even and smooth.

It’s fun to see the order of the songs as well as Side A and Side B. Music had an order to it in the old days! Now you can just buy one song at a time, sort of like singles, but we have more control in how we listen now then we used to.

Who remembers holding the album cover while the record played on the turntable. Those where the days! I’m hoping to recover some of that nostalgia once my framing project is completed. That’s the lastest update!