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Collecting memorabilia from the movies doesn’t just have to be a hobby; it can also be a potentially lucrative pastime and is an effective way of owning a piece of movie history. Some people partake in movie memorabilia collection purely for sentimental value and as a way of capturing a moment from a favourite film. A piece of memorabilia can bring back lots of happy memories and can help to capture the enjoyment of a film forever. It may be that you are especially interested in all the works of a certain actor or actress, or a certain genre of film or you may even have a favourite director that you enjoy. Movie memorabilia can help you to relive a personal moment again and again whenever you like and can bring a great deal of pleasure to movie-goers alike.

Collecting movie memorabilia, especially signed memorabilia is a very interesting hobby and lots of people all over the world spend a serious amount of their income boosting their collections. Film memorabilia collections can include almost anything to do with the movies from posters, props and costumes to star autographs and signed photographs. Others show their passion for film by having huge DVD collections of all their favourite movies or collections of autobiographies of their favourite film stars.

Even though a lot of people tend to spend a lot of money of film memorabilia this is not necessarily the way you have to create a collection. You can collect whatever is you feel is valuable to you in a sentimental way if not necessarily financially. As long as it means something to you then it can be considered a valuable item. After all, the initial concept of collecting film memorabilia did start with collecting things like photographs, autographs and industry magazines. It is true however, that the concept of collecting film memorabilia is nowadays an internationally recognised community of serious collectors. On the other hand, your collection should be something that is personal to you so this means that you can collect whatever you like. For example, you could collect movie posters, programs, lobby cards, storyboards, commercial collectibles or even pieces of promotional material like caps or t-shirts.

If you want to kick-start a film memorabilia collection then it is easy! All you need to do is just to immerse yourself in the area of interest you have chosen and attend movie trade shows, premieres or any other events were you may be able to purchase memorabilia or get an autograph. And remember, a good movie memorabilia collector will always carry with them a camera, an autograph book and a pen because you never know when you may bump into a star. You can also have a look at online retailers, auction websites and collectors shows for pieces of interest. eBay is especially useful for finding pieces of movie memorabilia. If you are purchasing online you must be aware of forgeries or fake pieces and also make sure that you get a certificate of authenticity with your item to prove that it is a genuine article.

The best part of movie memorabilia collecting is that iconic stars that have sadly passed away such as Marilyn Monroe and Charlie Chaplin and many others will always be kept alive by the millions of collectors. If you are interested in movie memorabilia or signed memorabilia then take a look at Genuine Memorabilia’s fantastic online catalogue of pieces from all areas of celebrity. Click here for more information and to have a browse through the extensive catalogue of 100% genuine items.

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