There are many young people who listen to their favorite musical artists online with services like Apple, Spotify and Pandora. Their older counterparts started with vinyl records, moved to 8-tracks, cassettes, then finally compact discs known as CDs. There is a new trend for the return of vinyl record albums and playing them on a USB turntable. Some will argue that the sound is better on vinyl. What do you think?

I have a whole collection of my Barbra Streisand albums on vinyl: LPs and 45s. Then I collected all the cassettes and CDs, with many releases on 8-tracks, though my player is long gone. I have put all of the music on iTunes on my Mac and have the songs in assorted playlists for my older iPods and now iPhone.
How do you like to listen to your Barbra music?

Will I ever let go of my albums? No way. The covers are collectible as well as many of the inserts, not to mention the records that came with posters inside (Live at the Forum and Barbra Joan). Do I still listen to music on a turntable? No, though I still have one, I prefer putting them on the computer and making my own playlists on my iPhone. I listen to CDs in the car and iPhone music app when I walk.

The world of listening to music has changed a great deal. How do you listen to Barbra? And do you still collect Barbra on vinyl? Please comment and share with me!